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Welcome to It's All About the Light Tours.  We specialize in photo workshops and seminars for photographers wishing to advance their craft at all skill levels.  Our upcoming workshops and photography classes are listed below.  Follow a workshop link to get details about that specific workshop. 

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Winter/Spring 2015
IAATLT Workshops

Digital Imaging Workshops

Jan 22- Feb 19
Thur Mastering Lightroom 5:
Image Management & Raw File Development

Week Long Photo Tours

March 1-7 Sun-
Lowcounty Barrier Islands -- Savannah to Charlestown

Weekend Workshops

May 1-3 Fri-
Beachscapes and Wildflowers

Half Day Compositional Workshops

April 4 Sat Shenk's Ferry 
April 11 Sat Oakbourne Park
April 18 Sat Ridley Creek State Park

Chester County Night School

Winter/Spring 2015

The Night School's web site currently only lists their limited winter classes. I expect they will open enrollment for the spring classes in late January or early February.

Jan 6-
Tue Digital SLR Essentials
Mar 9- April 21 Mon Classic Composition for Photographers
Mar 11- April 15 Wed Nikon and Canon Compatible Speedlights:
On and Off-Camera
Mar 12- April 23 Thur Digital SLR Essentials

Note1: On Chester County Night School web site DSLR Essentials is listed as "Better Images with Your Digital SLR Camera".

Note 2: When the Night School opens registration and has the Spring 2015 catalog listed on their site I will add links for the classes that start in March.

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